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Alfred Version 2 - More Mac Automation

Alfred the Mac app launcher and automation tool has just been upgraded significantly. When you have the power pack which extends the functionality of Alfred you also now can use workflows to do some extremely useful automations with your Mac


  1. Alfred V2 and I just got the Powerpack
  2.  I had only just bought the power pack and installed Alfred version 2 and it took me a couple days after that to be able to really dive into the functionality that Alfred offers to users. I have been using this application for a couple of years and really only as an app launcher for Mac OS X. Now that I have this new version and also I have the power pack to go with it I am finding it even more useful and well worth having as a utility for Mac computing.
  3.  Not everybody has the latest version of Alfred or have bought the power pack to extend the functionality so I thought I would start with some of the basics. I particularly like that I can use Alfred to quickly login to a website that needs to have a username and password to get into it, such as my WordPress installations. All I have to do is to use the hotkey to open Alfred enter the keyword of 1p followed by the name of the site. Alfred is so intelligent with its fuzzy logic searches that often it is only necessary to type one or two letters followed by hitting the enter key to get where you want to.
  4. Alfred App V2 Basics - Finding files with Alfred
  5. Alfred V2 Using Buffer and working with multiple files
  6. Alfred V2 Using WorkFlows 1
  7. Alfred Workflows Part 2
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