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How Did Ryan Rodden Become an SEO Expert?

Philadelphia native Ryan Rodden has a background in film and advertising which makes him an online marketing guru. He founded WitBlade, an SEO company in Philadelphia.


  1. Early Years as a Screenplay Writer and Film Enthusiast

  2. Ryan attended college at Lafayette in the early 2000s where he learned to become a prolific writer and decided to pursue the art of screenplay. His interest in film landed him a few creative jobs while he was pitching screenplay to Hollywood producers. During this time he managed to get hired as a production assistant on the movie Shooter featuring Mark Walhberg. You can view his IMDB credentials here:
  3. Telling stories became an intricate part of Ryan's life, and he began thinking of creative ways in which to use this talent. He was hired to work at an advertising firm in Philadelphia, working as a project manager and overseeing the daily workflow of the developers, designers, and writers. He began to understand the importance of search engine optimization while attending meetings where the technology leads would discuss the importance of making their client sites optimal for SEO. It became obvious that the websites that were designed with traffic and conversion in mind would often produce the best results. In this case, many of the clients were in the pharmaceutical marketing industry, so it was more difficult to be "radical" or "different" with your creative thinking. Over time this led Ryan to pursue his own career as a web designer and SEO expert.
  4. Formation of WitBlade in Philadelphia

  5. Ryan began using his talent for web design and filmaking to create his own internet marketing company called WitBlade LLC, based out of Philly. Because of his background in writing and film, he could often take on most of the work himself without the need to hire an contractor or freelancer to do it for him. Below is an example of a video he created to promote his company:
  6. WitBlade - Elite Internet Marketing & Philadelphia SEO Expert
  7. It's not easy to drive traffic to your website, so often times you must come up with some innovative ways to do so, as proposed in this online discussion about SEO on Quora:
  8. If you are looking for ways to help your Philadelphia business attract more leads or customers, give Ryan a call. He has years of experience with web design, writing, user experience and online marketing. The best time to call a Philadelphia SEO expert is when you are trying to take your company to the next level. Many successful businesses can double their traffic and sales if they take the time to partner with an SEO company that gets proven results. Learn more about WitBlade by visiting their website:
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  10. The following is a conversation between Ryan Rodden and Russell Wright from Themezoom on the use of for SEO. This particular video addressess some of the issues that beginners might have when trying to pull in their RSS feed: