How Enhanced Identity Theft Protection Helps To Protect Over Internet

With every passing day threat of identity theft is increasing. Several individuals and organizations are effecting by it.


  1. The Enhanced Identity Theft Protection plan by Wells Fargo provides a safeguard for you by comprehensively monitoring your credit. Identities are usually stolen by people for monetary benefits to illegally acquire other people's money and bank balance. 

    This protection plan checks for daily inaccuracies and verifies that you are well informed of whatever is happening with your financials. The services provided for protecting your identity are all related to the basic of credit monitoring. This service is extremely convenient because it lets you keep track of every single thing over the internet and you can stay on top of all your credit with alerts and updates whenever any changes occur. This is also useful because it can instantly tell a user whether a transaction has been done using his name which he was not aware of. The features online will not only help in reducing the potential losses but also the help from experts will save your time to protect yourself.

    This protection plan guarantees $10,000USD insurance in case your identity is misused and any credit is lost while you are availing the services. Also, the fraud support service helps in restoring your credit as well as recovering your information. The most important features in this plan are that of active and extensive credit scrutinizing.

    The first feature that the users can avail online is the access to their credit reports from the three major credit bureaus that are Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. The access to these helps you manage your credit because you can examine all listings of credit cards, bank accounts, loans, mortgages and other transactions made in your name. Additionally, the CreditXpert feature calculates credit scores from your credit report and assists in pointing out any errors that do not add up in your financial data. The "all-clear" quarterly report is also sent after checking the three credit reports to confirm the integrity of all your information. A simulator for credit score is also offered which predicts and measures what a future financial decision will do to you credit score. This can help in credit repairing as well. Also, an online score tracker lets you observe fluctuations in your data over a period of time. Viewing all these features on the internet using the access provided by your security agency will help ensuring that your financials ups and downs are in your knowledge and your identity is not being misused or under threat.

    Besides all of the above, there are other special features available in the Enhanced Identity Theft Protection deal. One is the auto-loan calculator which determines how much loan can you take and later pay off depending on the terms and conditions. The other is a loan pay-off calculator that measures the loan payments you need to make depending on your schedules and this will help to enhance your credit score. Also, the mortgage calculator devises a mortgage payment schedule for you.

    Moreover, the Credit Information Hotline is available to help understand any of the online features or discuss your credit report scores if you need to understand them clearly. They also provide assistance if your ID or credit card is lost and help you in closing the account so no one can access it. Eventually they assist in recovering all information as well.