Wildcat Welcome 2013

Follow the Best Week Ever.

  1. I'm so glad to have such a close, loving PA group. :) #NU2017
  2. c) a target store from 10pm-2am for a party d) all of the above✅✅✅ NU isn't called northbestern for nothing #wildcatwelcome #purplepride
  3. #WildcatWelcome wrapped up Monday with the President's Convocation. Look back at the week's activities: bit.ly/18TRh3a #nu2017
  4. Tomorrow is the first day of classes! I'm so sad #wildcatwelcome is over. Here's to #NU2017 :)
  5. Peace out welcome week! It's been fun. Time to actually start college...#nu2017  http://instagram.com/p/en5kzsG4Ny/ G4Ny/
  6. It's been a great week full of lots of fun and memories that I'll always have. #WildcatWelcome #NU2017
  7. Just had possibly the best 11 days of my life and I can't thank all the PAs enough and of course shoutout to That 70s group! #wildcatwelcome
  8. so incredible to talk to a member of the #medillmafia tonight! lots of insight & wisdom. #medill2017 #wildcatwelcome
  9. #wildcatwelcome is coming to an end. It's been a great week, but now the real fun starts, classes. #nu #freshmen
  11. 147 is such a solid group. They're really what makes this worthwhile. So much love. #wildcatwelcome
  12. On our way to Six Flags cause Northwestern rented out the park for #NU2017 till 1 am. Nbd. #WildcatWelcome
  13. NU rented out six flags for the night. Anybody else's school rent out a major theme park? Don't worry, I'll wait... #NU2017 #ILoveMySchool
  14. It's game day. And that is a beautiful thing. Grab your purple because, 'Cats, it's going to be a great day! #wildcatwelcome
  15. We just rocked that beach. Y'all were looking good!!! We cannot wait for the football game tomorrow! #purplepride #wildcatwelcome
  16. I'm running on such little sleep and can physically feel myself getting sick, but this week is so worth it. #wildcatwelcome #NU2017
  17. So much happening and so many people to meet. Couldn't be more exciting. A real @WildcatWelcome.
  18. YAAAAAS I MET THE ELUSIVE KHARI AFTER MONTHS OF WAITING #NU2017 crying rn @kharitbh pic.twitter.com/pUw3BnHDcxferreira/status/380079835562778624/photo/1
  19. You're lookin pretty, Chicago. Why yes, we'll bring 2200 new students down here today! #wildcatwelcome
  20. Kicking off a great year with #PurplePride in Millenium Park downtown today! @WildcatWelcome is killin' it
  21. Let @WildcatWelcome Begin! New Student Move-In was a success. Thanks to all our volunteers and fabulous staff! @StudentAffNU
  22. Moving in these freshmen is a full body workout!!! And so wonderful. So much #dubdublove in the air! #ww13
  23. #NU2017 YOU GUYS ARE THE COOLEST. Have a good move-in, and #GOCATS !!!
  24. It's @WildcatWelcome time! Welcome to #Northwestern, #NU2017 and transfer students! We cooked up a cool, crisp day for you for move-in.