#LearnConnectDo - Influencing the People Agenda

Every 3 months we get together, we talk about a topic, we learn together, we laugh, we eat chocolate and we leave with ideas of how we can make work better. On 16th June we talked about influencing the people agenda when someone doesnt get it. This is our story.....


  1. Last time we talked about aligning to the business which brought learning about finding allies or just starting something before waiting for permission. And sometimes we have to influence those who have a different view. This event was about that. Paul Kaerger used a Creative Thinking approach to facilitate our discussion.
  2. With my lack of football awareness I didnt realise we planned this on the same day as an England match! Fitted our whole #LCFC football theme tho :)
  3. We talked about a trend in people professionals that we can believe others will see our great work - because its great - and so we dont need to tell anyone. But these others are busy and might not notice, not because they dont agree, just because theyre busy. If this stuff we do matters and we believe we need to provide a great service to our employees and customers then we need to start being bolder in what we share. Without needing to be a bragger!
  4. The group I was in talked about influencing leaders. Some of this was about getting to know their world, their business, build the relationship, shift to a place where you see that youre both in this together. Neither they or us can be successful on our own. Symbiotic was the great word that came out which I connected to.
  5. Another big part of this was that the people agenda brings a level of fear for leaders. Change brings emotion, discomfort and disruption - that scares us on its own. Add to that the fear of the impact on business results and shareholders and it keeps people in safe places where things are usually "OK" - but these places are also unresponsive and cant adapt quickly enough to change when it becomes a burning platform that cant be ignored. These are the businesses that fail. Ironically we can help people through the emotional journey of change if we engage with it as human beings instead of trying to squash or ignore whats going on for people but thats a whole other topic.
  6. In acknowledgement of the fact that how we see people influences how we behave, this was a bit of positive psychology in the mix. Start to spot the positive in people and it changes how we behave with them and thereofore how they behave with us.
  7. Thanks to everyone who came and who was involved in making it happen......
  8. And big thanks to The Observatory Beefeater restaurant where we hold our events. Through theirs and our delegates generosity weve been able to donate a wonderful £50 to LOROS!