#LearnConnectDo : East Mids - the story

Last week on 10th Dec 2015 a bunch of us met up and used a Design Thinking approach to think about the ongoing challenge that over 40 per cent of people leave a job because of their manager.


  1. The call to people to come and join the conversation
  2. We were using a Design Thinking methodology which We Are Unstuck created which gets people having creative fun at work to generate new ideas.
  3. Given it is nearly Christmas @pubdonna kindly brought some refreshments :)
  4. Later on smaller groups identified the key insights coming out of the conversation.
  5. Next bringing the insights together to generate new thinking....
  6. And finally, sharing ideas with the other group, getting feedback and asking questions to develop their ideas further.
  7. And reflections and themes from the event......funnily enough both teams came up with a similar theme of us needing more human-ness at work. Bring back real connections!!!
  8. So not just great ideas created to solve the challenge of retaining more people through great managers but also reflections on this as an approach to events.