A new story for Libraries and Wikipedia: #1Lib1Ref

To celebrate Wikipedia's 15th birthday, The Wikipedia Library imagined something new and different: *a world in which every librarian added a reference to Wikipedia*. See what happened...


  1. The idea started with a conversation between ex WMF Board Member and MIT Librarian Phoebe Ayers, and Wikipedia Library project Manager Alex Stinson. With the help of Jessamyn West, we put together this central portal: 1lib1ref.org. (We bought the domain, too).
  2. First out of the gate were the amazing community of Catalan Librarians, led into glory by the fantastic and prolific Alex Hinejo (Kippelboy). Gràcies :)
  3. Universities were early on the case, like West Virginia University and their singular Wikipedian-in-Residence Kelly Doyle.
  4. Not surprisingly, Jessamyn gave everyone her best enthusiastic and positive nudge.
  5. Not everyone was sure just what to do, so Eric Phetteplace walked them through it. Everyone needs a guiding hand when they start editing. It's nothing to fear, but a little help... helps!
  6. The global nature of the event became clear when the National Library of Wales decided to get in on the action.
  7. Australia wasn't far behind. Here's a lovely example of a page that was improved by a librarian who sought out one of her favorite poets.
  8. True words were spoken:
  9. The Netherlands jumped in to help out. Dank Je!
  10. Denmark too. Tak!!
  11. For some mysterious reason, citation-adding seems to run best on a fuel of wifi and cupcakes.
  12. #qutlibrary is celebrating the 15th #birthday of #wikipedia by adding citations and eating #cupcakes ! #qut #1lib1ref #citationneeded #cake #knowledge #qutstudents #library #happybirthdaywikipedia
    #qutlibrary is celebrating the 15th #birthday of #wikipedia by adding citations and eating #cupcakes ! #qut #1lib1ref #citationneeded #cake #knowledge #qutstudents #library #happybirthdaywikipedia
  13. Some of our participants were SO prolific that they were temporarily blocked for adding too many references! No shame in that, no shame at all.