Hurricane Sandy blows through MetroWest

Hurricane Sandy brought strong winds through MetroWest Monday 10/29/12, even as the bulk of the storm swirled near Virginia and Delaware. Here's what people had to say on social media through the early afternoon.


  1. LIVE Hurricane Sandy Coverage - The Weather Channel
  2. Students knew where to go to get them through the storm - the cafeteria!
  3. Everyone else had to go to the grocery store.
  4. Power started to go out even before the storm picked up.
  5. For some yards, the trees just couldn't withstand yet another windstorm.
  6. At least you get something free out of it - the online edition of the newspaper.
  7. Not sure if this was even in Massachusetts, but OMG is certainly an accurate tag. Stay safe, people!!
  8. Omg!! #omg #hurricance #sandy #dangerous #crap #geez
    Omg!! #omg #hurricance #sandy #dangerous #crap #geez