A discussion on shark fin bans

I asked my Twitter followers how they felt about "shark fin bans"


  1. Shark fin bans have become a popular tool of the conservation movement lately, and have been enacted (to date) in the U.S. states of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Washington. Similar bans are being discussed in Illinois, Maryland, and New York. These laws make it illegal for anyone to buy, sell, or possess shark fins, which are used to make shark fin soup, regardless of where those fins came from (i.e. an overfished and poorly monitored fishery or a well-regulated fishery utilizing best fishing practices). I asked my followers what they thought of these bans. 
  2. What followed was a stimulating discussion about the pros and cons of the tools available for shark conservation.
  3. Some of my followers are against shark fishing of any kind.
  4. Some had objections to fin bans grounded in economics.
  5. Some followers felt that fin bans weren't the ultimate solution, but could be used in the meantime to help protect sharks until a better comprehensive fisheries management plan was created.