2012 Move-In Day at Whittier College (#wcwelcome)

September 2, 2012: Our newest Poets packed their bags and headed to Whittier to create a "home away from home" as they experience college for the very first time. A memorable and rewarding school year awaits you, Class of 2016! Welcome to Whittier College.

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  1. We unveiled our #WCwelcome hashtag on Facebook on August 23 - weeks before you even arrived to Whittier College - in this 'QUESTION OF THE DAY: Current and former students, what are some of your Move-In Day memories?" Click on the timestamp below the image to read the colorful answers we received. (More about this photo, you ask? It's of a typical room in Stauffer Hall in 1962.) Now, read on...
  2. QUESTION OF THE DAY - 24 days, 22 hours, and 6 ...
  3. When Move-In Day reached the '12-days-away' mark - that's when the anticipation really started to build. New Poets, we were waiting for you...
  4. 12 days away became 9 days away...
  5. 9 days away became 6 days away...
  6. 6 days away became 4 days away...
  7. Student Life Office or candle shop? Preparing for Sunday night's New Student Convocation and Light of Learning ceremony. #wcwelcome
  8. 4 days away became 3 days away. And some of you showed up to meet your new classmates and get a glimpse of Southern California on the POET Getaway.  
  9. Then 3 days away became just 2 days away, motivating some very special friends to get to work.
  10. Our Residential Advisors for 2012-2013. A very energetic and fabulous crew. #wcwelcome