Health Officials at COP21 Call Attention to Public Health Crisis of Climate Change

On the side of the Paris COP21 climate negotiations, the Global Climate and Health Alliance, in collaboration with the World Health Organization and many other public health institutions, hosted the 2015 Climate and Health Summit to bring awareness to the public health issues behind climate change.


  1. The 2015 Climate and Health Summit was notable in that it was the first Summit -- and the first Conference of Parties -- where the many public health crises being caused by climate change were given attention by doctors and health professionals from around the world. The COP21 conference featured the highest attendance by doctors since the the meetings were first organized, and more notably featured the inclusion of health professionals on national negotiating teams.

    But across town, attendees at the Climate and Health Summit heard presentations from public health officials and politicians alike on the effects climate change was having on the health of populations they are responsible for. Discussion on climate justice, clean energy, and rising temperatures highlighted the risk of damaged food supplies, loss of access to clean air and water, and rising disease rates.
  2. Paris Deputy Mayor Bernard Jomier opened the Summit with a conversation about the role of cities in addressing climate change.
  3. Two speakers from the World Health Organization examined the relationship between public health and climate change. Dr. Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum spoke first, followed by Dr. Anthony Costello. See all the speakers' presentation slides at this link.