Tomintoul with Master Distiller Robert Fleming

An evening of whisky from Angus Dundee's flagship distillery presented by their Distillery Manager and Blender.

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  1. Robert started at Glenlivet back in 1974, but whisky is in his family - his father was Glenlivet's brewer and his grandfather also worked there.
  2. Best. Walk. To. Work. Ever.
  3. Tomintoul 10 year old

  4. Tomintoul 14 year old

  5. At one point Tomintoul held the world record for 'largest bottle of whisky' thanks to a huge bottle of 14 year old. The bottle now lives in the Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh and they lost the title in 2012 to an even larger bottle of Famous Grouse.

    You can read about the Big Bottle below:
  6. Tomintoul 16 year old

  7. Tomintoul 12 year old Port Wood

  8. Tomintoul 21 year old

  9. Tomintoul Peaty Tang

  10. Tomintoul 33 year old
  11. A whisky that Robert couldn't take credit for distilling - he was still at Glenlivet back when it was made and Sandy Robertson rand the distillery at the time.
  12. Tomintoul Peaty Tang, redux

  13. The Peaty Tang is a bit boisterous so Robert made sure we tried the 33 year old before we got on to it.