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Stem Cell Nutrition Supplements: Do They Work?

Stem cells, we have learned, have the capacity to differentiate into specialized cells and act as a repair system for the body, replenishing adult tissues. Can nutritional supplements, as claimed, provide the body with a supply of circulating adult stem cells to keep it healthy?


  1. In the following video, Allan Somersall, PhD, MD, explains in simple terms what stem cells do and why they need to be replenished in the body by way of supplementation with natural stem cell enhancers.
  2. One of the accessible sources of adult stem cells is the bone marrow. But while the medical establishment harvests them through extraction (drilling), and in extreme cases that may be what is necessary, for otherwise healthy and non-extreme situations a simple supplementation would suffice to help in releasing the stem cells from the bone marrow and into the blood stream. They then migrate to tissues that need them to replenish old cells.

    There have been found natural sources that are able to do this and a great deal of scientific research, development and testing has gone into making these sources available as an over-the-counter nutritional supplement.
    Check out the scientific studies here.
  3. In the following short webinar, research scientist and neurophysiologist Christian Drapeau talks about the development of specific stem cell nutrition products and why they are important. The company that Christian co-founded pioneered the new category of stem cell nutrition in the nutritional supplement industry.
  4. Stem Cell Nutrition - SE2, DermaStem
  5. Stem Cell Nutritional Support Currently Available

    Advanced Stem Cell Support is the world’s first all-natural supplement documented to support the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow. The patent-pending, proprietary formula is long-lasting and releases millions of stem cells in the bloodstream. It is an extraordinary blend of ingredients starting with AFA Concentrate. Read more

    Another stem cell support is a cutting-edge mixture of antioxidants and special enzymes that support optimal blood flow, even to the smallest capillaries. This supplement supports the smooth “flow” of adult stem cells and nutrients to all parts of the body assisting and supporting in your body’s Stem Cell Nutrition. Read more

    Advanced Stem Cell Support for Sports. Activity, exercise and stress damage muscle fibers or cells in your body naturally. This damage limits your performance and your body’s ability to rebuild and rejuvenate muscle tissue after activity. Stem Cell Advanced Formula teams two essential formulations together giving you the edge on bodily renewal through increasing your circulating adult stem cell count and impacting your speed of recovery. Read more

    Additionally, stem cell support has been developed for pets and horses.
    If you want to understand more the concept of stem cell nutrition, or if you're already familiar with it and are just looking for the best stem cell enhancers and supplements available, check out the link below.

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