Human Rights after 1945 in the Socialist and Post-Socialist World

Organized by the German Historical Institute Warsaw and the Exeter University’s Research Project “1989 after 1989: Rethinking the Fall of State Socialism in Global Perspective”, funded by the Leverhulme Trust and the University of Göttingen.


  1. Pre-Conference Preparations
  2. The Call for Papers was published in October 2015.
  3. Already three weeks before the conference would take place the programme became available online.
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  6. Demonstrating media competence, the conference proceedings were documented on Twitter by one of the conveners of the conference, Ned Richardson-Little (University of Exeter).
  7. The conference participants agreed on the hashtag #SHRWarsaw to allow interested parties not present at Warsaw that day to follow core statements made on Twitter.

  8. Conference Day I (Thursday, 3 March 2016)
  9. Defining Human Rights Internationally (Panel 1)