Ranking Governments That Use Social Media for Foreign Policy

A look at which democratic governments make the most use of social media for foreign policy, often called Digital Diplomacy


  1. Governments are increasingly making use of digital channels in their foreign policy efforts. We wanted to understand who was most active in democratic governments around the world and who actually engaged with foreign citizens in dialogue. America leads the way in terms of creating and broadcasting content, but surprisingly, Australia leads the way in actually engaging in dialogue with citizens in another country.

    You can read the report on our blog here and we've shared some stories below talking about Digital Diplomacy; an area of increasing interest by citizens and governments. Our next project will look at non-democratic governments using social media for foreign policy communications.
  2. Israel Digital Diplomacy Live with Nir Barkat
  3. iPads Foster Digital Diplomacy at University of Kentucky
  4. Ambassador Duncan discusses Digital Diplomacy
  5. Arnaud Dassier on political campaigns 3.0
    Arnaud Dassier on political campaigns 3.0