SFJ Conference 2012: Daily Wrap-Up

Day one of #SFJ12 at the University of Maryland, College Park was filled with activity, events and friendly faces. Here is what you missed if you could not make it to SFJ12.


  1. This year's event was held at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park, which is also the home to SFJ's national headquarters. There are four days of events, and all of the activity can be tracked in our online conference program.
  2. End of day one #sfj12
    End of day one #sfj12
  3. The morning started with breakfast in the foyer of Knight Hall and a talk led by David Zurawik, the television and media critic at The Baltimore Sun. Zurawik offered some promising advice and motivation to features editors and reporters often times faced with the challenge of doing more with less.
  4. Rise and shine for breakfast! Kicking off day one #sfj12
    Rise and shine for breakfast! Kicking off day one #sfj12
  5. The view from @davidzurawik talk starting off #sfj12
    The view from @davidzurawik talk starting off #sfj12
  6. The day continued with a lively discussion on social media and journalism.  Our panel looked at popular social media tools, and asked how they can be used to improve journalism.

    Our speakers were Rem Rieder, editor of the American Journalism Review; Mary Hartney Nahomiak, social media editor for USA Today; and Justin Karp, digital operations manager at WJLA-TV in Washington; and the discussion was moderated by Chris Harvey, director of internships and career development and a multimedia instructor at University of Maryland.
  7. There was plenty of free swag to be had on day one, including the SFJ12 "swag bag" and many newspaper and magazine publications donated by our members.
  8. The #sfj12 swag bag!
    The #sfj12 swag bag!
  9. Plenty to read here at #sfj12
    Plenty to read here at #sfj12
  10. The always popular Show & Steal, resulted in some creative ideas for features journalists. If you missed the discussion, and you're a member of SFJ, download the handouts and presentation online.
  11. Lunch included an address by Maria Puente, who has covered the royal family both in the U.S. and in the U.K. From the funeral of Princess Diana to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton to her most recent coverage of Prince Harry's Las Vegas antics, Puente has seen it all, and she covers other celebrities and pop culture news for USA Today too.