Waukesha Plumber - The Best Plumber in Waukesha

David Treutelaar is a master plumber who works for an honest price. He serves the Waukesha, Mukwonago, Milwaukee, New Berlin, Pewaukee, Whitefish Bay, Brooksfield, and Wauwatosa areas.


  1. From bathroom and kitchen remodels to garbage disposal fixes, Dave at Waukesha Plumbing LLC does it all. And he does it all at a fair price. If you want a plumber in Waukesha that shows up on time, Call him. You can reach him at (262) 224-8377. You can also find out more on his website: 
  2. Leak Repairs:
    Whether its a valve issue, water line, or whatever, Dave can fix it. Insides leaks or out he can come to your rescue.

    Water Heaters:
    Water heater explode? Water everywhere? Dave can come and replace your water heater. He knows first hand how annoying it can be to have your water heater die out on you. So whether you need a Milwaukee plumber or a Mukonago plumber is your guy. He services all of the towns in your area. Don't hesitate to call.

    Bath & Kitchen Remodels
    Need a Waukesha Kitchen Remodel? Dave has replaced countless old tubs and showers and is more than happy to help turn your kitchen or bathroom into the dream room you have always wanted. Don't think that your plumbing project is ever too simple or too complex. If you think it's worth being completed, so does Dave. Call him now.

    Water Filtration Systems
    Tired of paying for bottled water every week? Tired of carrying in tons of bottled water into your home? Dave can install a water filtration system to make your water 100% clean and drinkable for you. Call him now to get a quote.

    Here is an extensive list of work that can be done:
    Basement Bathrooms
    Shower Systems
    Bar Sinks
    Laundry Tubs
    Icemaker Lines
    Garbage Disposals
    Reverse Osmosis Systems
    Water Heaters
    Tankless Water Heaters
    Water Softeners
    Sanitary Pumps
    Sump Pumps
    Battery Backup Sump Pumps
    Hose Bib Replacement
    Gas Piping
    Recirculating Pumps

    Need a Brooksfield Plumber? Dave's your guy. Need a White fish Bay plumber? He's still your guy. What about a New Berlin Plumber? yep. Dave's your guy. Out of all the Waukesha Plumber choices, he is the best. So call him now (262) 224 - 8377.