sexworkers and allies kick back against the media narrative that frames them as victims in need of rescue.


  1. A group of people were discussing the way the mainstream media only wants to hear one version of sex workers lives, what some of us call tragedy porn . I saw mollis tweet and 
  2. the tag made a lot of sense to me since molli has actually been a victim of the rescue industry and spoke very movingly on Everyday Whorephobia of the abuse, physical, sexual and emotional she endured.
  3. this is a specific reference to the fight of the wonderful Indian sex workers unions, leading the way in the global demand for rights, and their slogan, rights not sewing machines. 
  4. late afternoon (uk time) people started retweeting, and sex workers and allies around the wrold started joining in 
  5. a must read piece that got tweeted more than once 
  6. so often the fact people talk about us, over us, and down to us, rather than listening