STORIFY: Robert Downey Jr. films movie in Waltham

Actors Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall and Vincent D'Onofrio filmed "The Judge" on Church Street in Waltham on Monday, July 22. For more on this story, visit

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  1. From WCAC:
  2. Hollywood Film Shooting at Three Locations in Waltham
  3. OMG! Robert Downey Jr is in Massachusetts? In Waltham? OMG!
  4. I think we just drove by Robert Downey filming in Waltham
  5. They're filming "The Judge" in Waltham. I passed the set on Moody St. while they were setting up on my way to work this morning and didn't know what it was. A friend told me to go to Church St. on my way home tonight. She saw Robert Duvall, but was REALLY looking for Robert Downey, Jr! I walked down the street and took a few pics - I don't know who is sitting in the chair where she saw Robert Duvall earlier, but it sure doesn't look like him!