Wake the Vote at Wake Forest University

120 Wake Forest University students gathered in Annenberg Forum in Carswell Hall to watch the first presidential debate. Clickers from Z. Smith Reynolds Library allowed them to give real-time feedback. //Storify by Stephanie Skordas, Office of Communications and External Relations


  1. Professor Allan Louden, a nationally-recognized expert on presidential debates, offered pre-debate analysis and commentary to many newspapers, websites, radio and television news organizations.
  2. "They could actually debate [this time around] -- that could be interesting," Louden said, comparing Wednesday's debate to those in past election years which featured one-minute answers and two-minute rebuttals. (CNN)
  3. Professor Allan Louden from Wake Forest University notes that debates can cement the narratives in a campaign and can reconfirm any pre-conceived notions. (FoxBusiness)
  4. “I think that if you are President Obama, you have to act like the attacks are silly, and you have to try to rise above it all,” said Allan Louden, a professor of political communication at Wake Forest University. “You call out what they are doing as political and as lacking in substance, and from your side try to offer as many specifics as possible." (The Daily Beast)
  5. Professor Alllan Louden says debaters should be careful not to underestimate their audience's ability to follow the arguments. (Voice of America)
  6. Debate Watch!! (choose wisely ; ) #WaketheVote
    Debate Watch!! (choose wisely ; ) #WaketheVote