Our Ocean - Our wealth

World leaders commit to ocean conservation.


  1. On 4 October, a day before the conference, the IUU coalition asked the EU for more action to fight the illegal and unregulated fishing.
  2. The EU committed to promote safe, secure and healthy oceans.
  3. Our Oceans conference kicked off on Thursday 5 October with WWF team on board. The first day was all about the blue economy and marine protected areas.
  4. HRH Prince Charles addressed the importance of fighting marine pollution & reducing the use of plastic. The sustainable blue economy requires partnership & bold actions.
  5. Sky Ocean rescue announced a WWF partnership for marine protected areas.
  6. Many countries made commitments to help protect and preserve our ocean.
  7. Fishers are the key for helping manage the protected marine areas.
  8. The second day of the conference WWF Mediterranean presented the key findings of their new report: 'Reviving the Economy of the Mediterranean Sea'.
  9. More commitments were made to sustain our ocean.