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Happy Anniversary! From, Your Boss

Many companies offer gifts to commemorate 5, 10, 25 years of service. We asked readers what they've received, and what they think of the tradition. While some are quite appreciative of their employers' efforts, others have gotten real doozies and question the practice entirely.


  1. Love them or hate them, workplace anniversary gifts with high price tags scored highest with readers. Check out some of the fancy items these folks received --
  2. Of the slightly more offbeat gifts, try these on for size:
  3. Got a Coleman Tailgate BBQ for 5 years.....extremely greatful for it.....use that thing every chance I get!! Tailgating, Camping, River Trips, or day trips at the lake!!
  4. And who would turn up their nose at airline miles? (Not us!)
  5. I received airline miles for my 10 yr which I spent on a first class ticket to Asia. The miles were from Amex points on the company corporate card so they weren't really an extra expense to the company. It was the perfect gift for me.
  6. As for the bad gifts, take note, HR: A pink slip is NOT a good gift.
  7. Nor is this:
  8. And bitterness abounds --
  9. My dad got a telescope for 25 years. He said if you look at his pension check through the telescope the check looks bigger!
  10. And this one really was a head-scratcher:
  11. Many others wondered whether the practice should exist at all.
  12. In today's business world, companies should create programs that reward performance, not longevity. I wish more employers would do away with these types of programs.
  13. Perhaps this would suffice:
  14. Just saying.