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Bzzzz! Bzzzz! Buzzwords Be Gone!

People say they hate corporate buzzwords, but that doesn't stop them from using them. Here's a look at the buzzword biggest offenders.


  1. Our inspiration for #badbuzzwords? Corporate use of the word "innovation." Has it lost its meaning? Yes, said a slew of WSJ readers.
  2. It is nearly as meaningless as "green" which simply means "high priced" today and has little to do with the environment.
  3. But wait, there's more. It's not just "innovation" that drives people crazy. Try some of these.
  4. Innovation, optimization, best practices, strategize, synergy, facilitate, touch base, low hanging fruit, etc....are all basically pretty useless terms and mainstays on just about everyone's Bullshit Bingo card. Whenever I am in a meeting and hear more than one of these terms used I instinctively and immediately know that the meeting will produce nothing of any real importance.
  5. When people start hearing these words, many just tune out.
  6. Every word is becoming meaningless, every time a word is used by marketing execs to flog product it loses a little bit of its potency, 'love', 'crisis', 'innovation' 'epidemic' 'smart' 'meta' 'advance', I'm sure the list innumerable... All words bludgeoned to death by media, social media and marketing
  7. Or, as one reader so elegantly put it, it's just a case of --
  8. The emperor's new clothes...
  9. Were there other words out that people didn't like? Yup.
  10. Embrace, engage, assess, commitment, paradigm shift ...
  11. Sorry Lisa Marie:
  12. And the list goes on and on and on...
  13. Collaborate, distinctive, empower
  14. Military cliches: "kinetic", "full-spectrum", and my new least-favorite buzz-word, "decisive" (or "decisive action"). Please ask an Army spokesperson to define "decisive action", and why it's "decisive". (As opposed to "indecisive"?)
  15. Are buzzwords by definition nonsensical? Perhaps.
  16. My least favourite 'buzzwords' are nonsensical ones such as incentivize, or refudiate (from the dictionary of Sarah Palin) Careless phrases such as 'Ducks in a row' are equally offensive.
  17. Finally, there were a few buzz phrases came under attack. Here's a look at what rankled readers most:
  18. Revisit, think out of the box, get out of the comfort zone
  19. Keep this in mind next time you "circle back" with a client on your "innovation" "strategies" for your latest "out of the box" product "brainstorm." Just saying.