1. 1. The Cheesesteak

  2. There are cheesteaks on nearly every corner in Philly. Do not try these unless you like amazing bread, delicious steak and gooey cheese. We prefer ours "wit wiz" at Steve's Prince of Steaks.
  3. 2. Crab fries

  4. The Phillies are out of town and the Wells Fargo Arena is a little busy, which is good, because you definitely wouldn't want to come to Philly and dip these seasoned fries from Chickie's & Pete's in a creamy cheese sauce.
  5. 3. Roast Pork Sandwich

  6. The roast pork sandwich is a Philadelphia institution, but don't forget roast beef and brisket. Usually served with peppers, onions or provolone cheese. At Tommy DiNics (who has a food truck at the DNC) the roast pork is served with broccoli rabe.
  7. Beef brisket sandwich. I'm prob gonna gain 20lbs on this trip. #dekogoestophilly
    Beef brisket sandwich. I'm prob gonna gain 20lbs on this trip. #dekogoestophilly
  8. 4. Pizza

  9. Lorenzo's on South Street is a must stop if you like giant slices of pizza. For just 3 bucks you can have this amazing NY style pizza. If you have an army you can buy a whole pie for about $30.
  10. 5. Breakfast Sandwiches

  11. Philly has amazing breakfast sandwiches, (there's a sandwich theme here) including the Hickory Town at High Street on Market. The sandwich has Lancaster bologna, egg, amish horseradish cheddar, gherkin mayo and fried red onions. For other breakfast sandwiches try the Mac 'n Hash Sammy at Mac Mart or the breakfast waffle from Foolish Waffles.