WOMMfest 2013

National Word of Mouth Marketing Day was a hit. We had a chance to see flying fish, hear the emotional social media campaign that captured the hearts of King County, and heard from some tremendous icons in the field including Kristian Bush, C.C. Chapman, and Hugh MacLeod. Let's take a look.

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  1. Then it began with a brief intro. from our three amazing emcees and WOMMfest chairs: Ted Wright from Fizz, Rod Brooks from PEMCO Mutual Insurance, and Paul Rand from Zocalo Group.
  2. Our first keynote, Kristian Bush of Sugarland, took the Atlanta stage with all eager word of mouth marketers in Chicago and Seattle watching from across the country.
  3. Then a big theme hit the WOMMfest conversation, something far too many brands seem to forget nowadays.
  4. Before leaving the stage, Kristian described an amazing story with Wal-Mart where Sugarland hid tickets within the mega-store. Sure is talkable.
  5. Despite all the hot conversation, it was time to leave the stage as each city broke and had the first of two local activities. In Chicago, blues and BBQ were at the forefront.