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#WOMMAChat Recap: iGen

Marketing that worked in the old days doesn’t always appeal to these new generations hitting the workforce. WOMMA joined together with Stefan Pollack from The Pollack PR Marketing Group for this #WOMMAChat to discuss how companies need to adapt their marketing to influence this growing demographic.


  1. Let's see what everyone had to say about this emerging trend.
  2. We had some WOMMA staff members - new and old faces, and of course our co-host Stefan Pollack participate in the chat. We were anxious to dive right into the question one.
  3. Stefan had some great insights on the iGen audience. We moved on to talk about what makes this generation unique. Let's see what they had to say.
  4. We learned iGen is prone to advocate for brands they trust. So, next was Q3: How is marketing to the #iGen different than marketing to the older #TBT crowd?
  5. Next we took a further look into how brands can market to iGen for the upcoming holiday, Halloween.