Birmingham city centre protests - 20 July 2013

This page shows how West Midlands Police staged a large-scale operation to keep visitors to the city safe during an EDL protest and counter protest on Saturday 20 July.

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  1. Updates about the planned protests in Birmingham city centre were shared with the public on a daily basis from Monday 15 July. We shared this information on a daily basis in the week leading up to the protests, ensuring the public were kept informed at an early stage.
  2. As well as placing regular updates on our social media channels, we added full details to the West Midlands Police website.
  3. A video of Assistant Chief Constable was also placed on Youtube, with key messages being shared both in the clip and on social media.
  4. Statement ahead of protests in Birmingham
  5. Due to the expected size of the protests, several media outlets picked up the story. TV, radio and print publications all publicised the protest dates.

  6. As well as updating the public through our West Midlands Police accounts, localised tweets were sent from accounts including @brumpolice and @brumtheftteam.
  7. On the day of the protest, several messages were sent in the morning to reassure visitors and businesses across the city centre. A number of local blogs and websites were also actively tweeting these messages.
  8. Updates were also shared explaining the work undertaken by police and partner agencies at the Emergency Control Suite (ECS),
  9. West Midlands Police - Birmingham city centre protests
  10. Several news websites were reporting live during the protest. Many shared our updates and embedded our tweets onto their web pages.