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  1. Reduce Traffic By Offering More to Interest Residents in Staying Put

  2. .@Mikhailesolomon of #pembrokepines : #ifiweremayor develop the Pines as an urban core with interesting arts and cultural offerings so I don't have to drive to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale!
  3. Better Policing

    The name of Israel Hernandez, the teen who died this summer after being tasered by Miami Beach police, is rarely mentioned in the mayoral campaigns, even in Miami Beach. But residents there would like to see some changes.  

    John Ermer proposes, “Take police officers out of their cars, and put their boots on the ground to patrol the neighborhoods of Miami Beach.” He adds, "It is important for police officers to interact on a more personal basis with the residents of the city, to see what we see, to hear what we hear and, quite frankly, to smell what we smell."

    In Homestead, some residents were frustrated by police practices that they viewed as unfair and unnecessary.

  4. In other areas, the problem may be that there just aren't enough police.  We spoke to 7th grader Dunia Mejia at her family's shoe store in the Redland's Market.
  5. Her brother 9th grader Max Mejia agreed.
  6. Shed a Tear and Try Not to Look Up

  7. Scott Cunningham with the O Miami Poetry Festival said this poem "comes from an experience I had last month meeting a bunch of mayors from across the country. All of them were extremely smart and creative people, and I realized just how difficult it is to govern. We all like to think we could a better job, but I'm guessing most of us (me included) would make terrible, terrible mayors."
  8. Teach People How to Get Involved!

    Maybe mayors could be more successful if they had a more engaged and informed citizenry. After we talked about how most South Florida mayors don't have executive powers, Martha M3PA, whose Twitter profile says she does social marketing for musicians, responded with this idea:
  9. New York City is one of a few cities that has an office dedicated to thinking just about this: how to help residents understand the organization and process of city operations. Martha M3PA and Arlo Haskell from Key West should get together!
  10. Improve Roads and Sewers So Less Flooding

  11. Judith Morales of #miamibeach #ifiweremayor put more money into roads and sewers so less damage from flooding
  12. MIami Beach mayoral candidate Michael Gongora points out that as commissioner, he's supported the stormwater master plan, which will overhaul the city's drainage system.
  13. If You Hate The Traffic, Then....

    Miami-Dade county mayor Carlos Gimenez has said traffic to Miami Beach could “kill the tourism industry.” Miami Beach mayoral candidate Steve Berke proposes building Skylink, a cable-car system between downtown Miami and Miami Beach. 

    The county is currently reviewing a plan to construct a light-rail train to connect Miami to the beach. But here's a more modest plan from Dimitri, an IT worker from Miami.