The William J. Perry Project

Students from Stanford, George Washington University and UCLA gather at Stanford to launch a summer project with former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry to look at ways to bring his mission of nuclear nonproliferation to their generation of global thinkers. Join them on their journey.


  1. "All during the Cold War, I operated on the belief that nuclear weapons protected our security; now I operate on the belief that nuclear weapons are a danger to our security." - Perry 

  2. The William J. Perry Project ©Light@11B 2013
    The William J. Perry Project ©Light@11B 2013
  3. Perry talks about his personal journey in this recent article:  
  4. Perry addresses the Perry Project students at a private dinner about his path to nuclear global zero
  5. The Perry Project two-day meeting at Stanford included lectures and conversations Perry, former Secretary of State George Shultz and a number of experts in nuclear nonproliferation and how the weapons have impacted history and society. 
  6. Perry greets Raquel Saxe ©Light@11B 2013
    Perry greets Raquel Saxe ©Light@11B 2013
  7. Shultz & Perry ©Light@11B 2013
    Shultz & Perry ©Light@11B 2013
  8. The students are: Jared Greenspan, Sahil Shah and Pia Ulrich from George Washington University; Isabella Gabrovsky, Hayden Padgett and Raquel Saxe from UCLA; and Claire Colberg, Taylor Grossman and Daniel Khalessi from Stanford.
  9. Hayden Padget of UCLA talks bout taking his no-nukes passion to campus:
  10. The Perry Project: Hayden Padgett
  11. Ward Wilson ©Light@11B 2013
    Ward Wilson ©Light@11B 2013
  12. Hayden Padgett ©Light@11B 2013
    Hayden Padgett ©Light@11B 2013
  13. Obama Full Speech Berlin 2013
  14. Taylor Grossman ©Light@11B 2013
    Taylor Grossman ©Light@11B 2013
  15. CISAC 2013 Honors Student Daniel Khalessi: "I believe there's a generational gap between my generation and the Cold War Generation, which understood the realities and the dangers of nuclear weapons."

  16. Daniel Khalessi ©Light@11B 2013
    Daniel Khalessi ©Light@11B 2013
  17. The Perry Project: Daniel Khalessi
  18. CISAC consulting professor Philip Taubman documented the efforts by Perry, Shultz, Kissinger, Drell and Nunn to ban the bomb in his book: The Partnership