The WIEGO Network at PrepCom3: Day 2

WIEGO's delegation of informal worker representatives, researchers, organizers and technical support individuals are attending PrepCom3 (July 25-27, 2016) to ensure informal workers' voices are represented in the forthcoming New Urban Agenda. Here are some highlights from the second day - July 26th


  1. On Day 2 of PrepCom3, the WIEGO delegation started the morning off at the Huairou Commission's daily Grassroots Women Leaders' Caucus:
  2. There was a strong call by Rose Molokoane of Slum Dwellers International (SDI - a WIEGO ally) for more participatory implementation of the New Urban Agenda...
  3. Informal worker leaders in our delegation also participated in the stakeholder consultation and the delegation was busy advocating for informal worker recognition in the New Urban Agenda there and at our booth:
  4. We co-hosted a side event titled, "Achieving Inclusive Cities through Grassroots and Local Government Partnerships" with SDI, the Huairou Commission and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) where there was a strong call for participation by grassroots groups and city governments in the implementation process of Habitat 3:
  5. WIEGO was represented on the panel by Gloria Solorzano, a Peruvian informal worker leader:
  6. PrepCom3: Dialogos exitosos entre vendedores ambulantes y el gobierno de Lima - parte 1
  7. Violet Shivutse of the Huairou Commission then spoke about women fighting against land grabs:
  8. ... and Sonia Fadrigo spoke of how SDI organized to engage with local government on housing issues: