First day of spring brings winter weather

What our viewers are saying about the storm


  1. Mother Nature is angry at us...
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  4. This is a beautiful Indian winter morning
  5. And I went and took the Christmas wreath off the door yesterday! Shoulda known better!
  6. 16" at my house in Fryeburg. ..:/
  7. Forecast was spot on for Bowdoin topsham area...1" then rain
  8. 13" at worthley pond peru
  9. Where in Bethel are you Pat. Im in Bethel and at 4:30 this morn I measured 14 inches
  10. Received all snow in Fairfield. Go figure. I'd gladly take some of that rain!!!
  11.  it just needs to come off the roof now...
    it just needs to come off the roof now...
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  16. We have about 14 here in Hartford.
  17. 14" in Chesterville and still snowing
  18. "Maine, the way life should be" - isn't talking about the weather I hope.