Small World: Debate on Media Coverage of International Issues

Speakers from Sky News, Channel 4 News, The Sunday Times and Media Wales gave their views on Thursday 3 December about media coverage of international Issues at the Temple of Peace, an event organised by WCIA and Cardiff University's School of Journalism.


  1. Ahead of the debate, Jonathan Levy, Martin Shipton and Prof. Richard Sambrook gave a workshop on how to influence the media to a group of individuals and NGO representatives. Top tips from the workshop coming soon.
  2. Starting the workshop with Jonathan Levy, Martin Shipton and Professor Richard Sambrook
  3. Martin Shipton giving us his top tips to become a 'go to' person on media issues
  4. The Debate:
  5. How important is journalistic instinct, political stance, proprietor point of view, public opinion and other factors in driving content? Do you know what impact does media coverage have on public opinion and government policy? Jonathan Levy (Sky News), Martin Shipton (Media Wales), Lindsey Hilsum (Channel 4 News), Sean Ryan (Sunday Times) and Professor Richard Sambrook (Cardiff University of Journalism) delighted us with this debate about how the media reports the news could be contentious.
  6. Getting ready for the debate on media issues
  7. Audience at the Temple of Peace for the debate
  8. Opening the debate with the speakers
  9. ''We have to cover the world with fewer correspondents than we would like'', Sean Ryan
  10. ''Someone has to care (and report) before anyone else will'', Jonathan Levy
  11. ''We pride ourselves on not demonising migrants or engaging in Islamophobia'', Martin Shipton