International Hustings for Wales

On 31st May, the WCIA and Church in Wales invited you to quiz the main political parties at the International Hustings for Wales.


  1. As we approach the general election in June, the event was an excellent opportunity to ask candidates about key international issues such as:
    International development and the 0.7% aid spending commitment
    -Foreign policy and defence
    -Supporting asylum seekers and refugees
    -Action on climate change and sustainable development
    -UK government spending on Global Learning
    -Justice in international trade and taxation
  2. Every colour of the political rainbow was represented at the International Hustings, that we co-hosted with the Church in Wales this May. With the beautiful backdrop of St Mary’s Church in Swansea, the candidates were questioned on everything from trade deals to diversity in politics.
    The evening began with brief introductions from each candidate before Rt Reverend John Davis opened the floor. The audience questions came thick and fast, first from a gentleman who asked the panel how they would deal with Mr Trump and his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. Some candidates proposed that the agreement should be enshrined in all future trade deals, which quickly lead the debate in the direction of Brexit.
    The passionate and diverse responses of the panel lead the debate to how we treat those seeking asylum, how the establishment can encourage and include a greater number of women, and the validity of trident.
    An engaged audience and passionate politicians made for an enthralling evening which came to a close with tea and biscuits.
  3. Our guests were :
  4. Geraint DAVIES - Labour candidate - Swansea West
  5. Ian Chandler - Green Party Candidate - Monmouth
  6. Mike O'Carroll - Liberal Democrat Candidate - Swansea West
  7. Dan Boucher - Conservative Candidate - Swansea East
  8. Daniel Williams - Plaid Cymry Candidate - Neath