WBUR goes live from #TEDxBoston

On June 23, 2012 WBUR carried live on-air coverage of TEDxBoston at 90.9 WBUR-FM. The day was filled with fantastic speakers and novel ideas! Truly, an inspiring conference.


  1. The videos are finally posted!!!

  2. Stay tuned for updates from @WBURLive as well as curated content from speakers, conference goers and anything we find interesting. We'll also be posting speaker bios, webpages and articles so check back and comment, ask questions or tweet us @WBURLive.  Not able to attend in person? You can still get involved by watching the WBUR live stream, all day, at wbur.org.
  3. Time for Session 3 at #TEDxBoston!
  4. #FrontRow at #TEDxBoston #YES! #Boston
    #FrontRow at #TEDxBoston #YES! #Boston
  5. TEDx Boston- team Block 1! We had fun! #TEDxBoston #collectivenext
    TEDx Boston- team Block 1! We had fun! #TEDxBoston #collectivenext
  6. Right Way - turnstone paper table #tedxboston
    Right Way - turnstone paper table #tedxboston
  7. Post show interviews of #TEDxBoston speakers, now live on WBUR 90.9FM with hosts Anthony Brooks and Meghna Chakrabarti.
  8. Session 2 concludes, TEDxBoston will pick up again with Session 3 at 3:30pm. The fun continues at #TEDxBoston! Innovation, poetry, beekeeping, water management--and wait for it...POPCORN!!!
  9. Popcorn at #tedxboston. Get excited!
    Popcorn at #tedxboston. Get excited!
  10. "The Other Side of Water"The world has a nearly unquenchable need for water. Israel is a leader in water management start-ups. Massachusetts should become the silicon valley of water, globally--is it possible? David Goodtree explores this possibility; he's also a co-organizer of the Symposium on Water Innovation in Massachusetts.
  11. "Urban Beekeeping" Let's talk honeybee health. It's a real thing, and unfortunately bees are dying at drastic rates. Noah Wilson-Rich, founder of Best Bees Company analyzes the problem and proposes solutions.