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Worldview: Russia offers economic support to Ukraine

Ukraine's president has cut an economic deal with Russia even though tens of thousands of Ukrainians have come out against it. We'll take a look at how the deal stacks up.


  1. Russia offers economic support to Ukraine
  2. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians took to the streets of Kiev today to demand the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych. The protests followed the announcement of a new trade deal with Russia, which was made during a televised news conference on Tuesday. Russia has agreed to cut the price of gas and purchase Ukrainian debt.  We’ll take a look at what the deal could mean for the Ukrainian economy with Anders Åslund, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

  3. World History Minute: Piltdown Man ‘discovered’
  4. On December 18, 1912, scientists announced the discovery of what was thought to be the missing link between apes and humans: Piltdown Man, who was estimated to live about 500,000 years ago. But decades later, Piltdown Man turned out to be a huge fraud. Historian John Schmidt explains. 
  5. University of Chicago students hope to bring potable water to slums and tackle host of social problems in India

    A new social entrepreneurship project aims to address some of India’s toughest problems by pairing up students from the University of Chicago with students and government agencies in India.  The International Innovation Corps will give students a year to tackle issues that include everything from delivering potable water to the slums of Delhi to helping increase voter participation.  Anup Malani, one of the founders of the International Innovation Corps, tells us what the project hopes to accomplish.
  6. Global Notes: Rock in Opposition

    On this week's Global Notes, we'll take a listen to music from the late 1970's that was part of a movement known as Rock in Opposition or RIO.   Bands like the Italian group Stormy Six and the Belgian group Univers Zero were united in their opposition against the established music industry.  Radio M and Morning Shift host Tony Sarabia tells us about some of the bands who emerged out of RIO. 
  7. UNIVERS ZERO live at GOUVEIA ART ROCK 2005 - "Dense"