Drones in Yemen, the Bo Xilai trial and the effectivness of anti-bacterial soap

Worldview assesses U.S. counter-terrorism strategy in Yemen and how the trial of Chinese Communist Party's Bo Xilai will impact Chinese politics. EcoMyths Alliance's Kate Sackman breaks down the pros and cons of using antibacterial soap.

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  1. Yemen drone strikes raise questions about U.S. counter-terrorism strategy
  2. This year, there have been an estimated twenty-one airstrikes in Yemen—the majority of which have been drone strikes. As the U.S. attempts to battle terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, many have raised questions about the efficacy of drones strikes as part of a larger counter-terrorism strategy.  Micah Zenko, the Douglas Dillon  fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, evaluates how effective the U.S. counter-terrorism strategy is.

  3. World History Minute:  August 13, 1913
  4. On August 13, 1913 Otto Witte was proclaimed King of Albania under the name Otto I.  Worldview historian John R. Schmidt explains how a circus performer became a king.  Or did he?
  5. The trial of Bo Xilai
  6. The precise date hasn't been announced yet but the trial of former Communist Party boss Bo Xilai is expected to happen any day now. Bo Xilai faces corruption charges and his fall from grace is one of the biggest scandals to hit the Chinese Communist Party.  Wen Huang, author of The Little Red Guard and A Death in the Lucky Holiday Hotel: Murder, Money and an Epic Power Struggle in China, explains how the trial will impact Chinese politics.
  7. EcoMyths: Are antibacterial soaps better for us?
  8. Studies show that using antibacterial soap chemicals like triclosan does not, in fact, get you cleaner. Meanwhile, other studies indicate it may pose risks to public health and the environment. For our monthly EcoMyths segment we try to get to the bottom of this issue with Kate Sackman from EcoMyths Alliance and Dr. Olga Lyandres, research manager for the Alliance for the Great Lakes and author of Keeping Great Lakes Water Safe: Priorities for Protecting against Emerging Chemical Pollutants.