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Morning Shift: Triva in the pursuit of tolerance

Tracy Baim of Windy City Times and Tony play the new trivia game "That's So Gay" that aims to break stereotypes and explore LGBTQ history. And, we check in with the Cook County Republican Party to learn about their endorsement for the gubernatorial race. (Photo: Flickr/jon_a_ross)


  1. Cook Co. Republican Party endorses gubernatorial candidate this weekend - There are four Republican candidates vying for Illinois’ Governor’s office. Saturday, the Cook County Republican Party will decide which candidate they want to go against the Dems in next year’s election. Cook County Republican Party Chairman Aaron Del Mar explains why they chose who they chose.
  2. Scandal plagued Metra looks ahead to 2014 priorities - Metra's problems date back to this summer when details of CEO Alex Clifford's severance package were revealed. Some claimed it was hush money for agreeing to stay quiet about politically-connected moves by House Speaker Michael Madigan. Several board members then resigned. So how much of this affects riders and what's next in 2014? Metra Board member Marty Oberman explains what the agency has on its plate for the upcoming year. 
  3. Cheryl Raye-Stout breaks down the weekend's sports stories - The Blackhawks had a loss. The Bulls had a win. The Bears got their butts handed to them. And one franchise player for the Bears got himself arrested. Cheryl Raye Stout brings us the ups and downs of the weekend in Chicago sports.
  4. That’s so Gay! makes a game out of LGBTQ history - Here’s your chance to test your knowledge of LGBTQ history and trivia. Chicago’s Windy City Media Group has come up with the game That’s So Gay. It’s similar to Trivial Pursuit. Windy City Times Founder and Publisher Tracy Baim brings the game to the Morning Shift to play with host Tony Sarabia and listeners. 
  5. The history of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' - Ever wonder about the origins of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" song? Some say it has to do with an elaborate feast. The Atlantic Monthly’s Olga Khazan recently penned a piece on the health consequences of living out the song. We dissect the culinary aspects of this most Christmas of Christmas songs.