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Morning Shift: The lessons of Marriage 101

We talk to the professor of a unique class at Northwestern University - Marriage 101. Plus, the past and future of Chicago's New Regal Theater. (Photo: Flickr/Paul-W)


  1. Improvements coming to juvenile detention centers - A federal judge is reviewing a plan to improve conditions at juvenile detention centers in Illinois after the state Department of Juvenile Justice and the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois worked out the joint plan. It came out of an ACLU lawsuit, alleging the Department that conditions at the juvenile centers violated the Constitution and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. If the judge OKs the plan, there will be a number of changes at the centers, including a required five-hour school day, mental health treatment, and a ban on the use of solitary confinement for discipline. Today, we have Adam Schwartz, the ACLU’s leader lawyer on this case, to discuss the latest developments.

  2. Newcity, a Chicago Publication is going to make a movie - The concept is that Newcity will produce a feature film that’s “made in Chicago’’ in every sense of the word. That includes financing, hiring the crew, casting the talent, and doing all the post-production work in Chicago. Newcity is also going to document the project, with as much transparency as possible from beginning to end. They will do that using the Newcity publication and also a website… The idea is to finish the film in two years which will coincide with the 30th anniversary of Newcity.
  3. Regal Theater has new owners-what’s in its future? - The original Regal Theater, built on Chicago’s south side in 1929 was one of the first theater's in the country built specifically to cater to the entertainment tastes of African Americans. It presented some of the greatest black entertainers in America until about 1971 and it was torn down by the Chicago Land Clearance Commission in 1973. In 1985 the New Regal (formally the Avalon Theatre), was opened by a group of community investors headed by Ed and Bettiann Gardner, founders of the Soft Sheen products company. That effort ended in 2003.  It reopened in 2007 after dropping the New part of the Regal name. That lasted until 2010 until the the non-profit that was running it…”We Are Our Brother’s Keeper”, became mired in a financial scandal. The property has recently been purchased by Chicago based Community Capital Investment Partners LLC.  No one knows what they plan to do with it.
  4. College class teaches the basics of marriage -  With divorce rates hovering around 50 percent, some universities are seeing the need to teach young people the roots to happy and fulfilling relationships. Dr. Alexandra Solomon is a therapist who teaches Marriage 101: Building Loving and Lasting Relationships at Northwestern University. She explains how the necessary foundation for success may not be what you think.
  5. The guitar of Samuel Mösching propels new Chicago trio - Samuel Mösching defines himself as a European jazz musician with some classical influence. He came to the U.S. from Switzerland in 2013 drawn to Chicago’s improvised music scene. He and Chicago musicians Mike Harmon and Peter Manheim form The New Samuel Mösching Trio and stopped by the Morning Shift to play compositions from their new album, Up.
  6. Ilia - The New Samuel Mösching Trio