Morning Shift: The Beatles invade America-on the small screen

Next weekend marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show. We discuss that monumental moment and other important moments in musical/TV history. And, 10 years of Facebook-what's the social networking giant's future?

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  1. Metra names new CEO - Last Friday, the Metra Board of Directors unanimously approved Don Orseno to be the new CEO. Orseno had been the interim CEO, and has been in the rail industry for four decades. Metra Board member Marty Oberman talks about the process and the decision to put Orseno in the big chair permanently, and what’s next for what Oberman calls “the most complex commuter rail system in the country.”
  2. City is moving toward rideshare regulations - The City of Chicago may be moving to regulate a new set of transportation services that have gotten popular in Chicago and throughout the nation – so-called “ridesharing” technologies like UberX, Lyft and Sidecar. This comes just as those services face increased scrutiny for failing to insure their drivers against accidents, and as consumers are more aware of how badly their “surge pricing” can burn. But lots of taxi companies doubt the city’s motivation for doing this – they say the companies should fall under the same taxicab regulations that they do, and that the city’s giving them a leg up with less onerous requirements. WBEZ North Side Bureau reporter Odette Yousef has details on what these regulations could mean for drivers and riders. 
  3. Illinois legislation pushing to ban revenge porn - State Senators Michael Hastings and Toi Hutchinson have introduced a bill that would make “revenge porn” a felony in Illinois. This is the practice of posting nude or sexually-explicit photos of someone online without the participant’s consent. Cyber law expert Danielle Citron explains how this phenomenon began and what role legislation is playing in ending it.  
  4. Facebook turns 10 - The social networking site celebrates a decade on Tuesday. Why has the venture succeeded where its predecessors failed, and what’s in its future? Mikolaj Piskorski, Harvard Business School Professor and author of A Social Strategy: How We Profit from Social Media looks back at Facebook’s first decade.
  5. The collision of pop music and TV has eventful history - Fifty years ago next Sunday, The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and then nothing would be the same again. We look at the cultural impact of that momentous event and other notable musical moments in television with WBEZ Arts and Culture Producer Alison Cuddy and DePaul University Associate Professor John Kimsey. Kimsey teaches a course called "The Beatles and the Creative Process."