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'Morning Shift' #48: Three stars!

On Wednesday's Morning Shift, we talk marriage equality with Mayor Emanuel, look at how the girl scouts shape American politics, review the newest Michelin guide, and examine the intersection of art and public housing.


  1. First, on Tuesday, the Chicago Sun-Times published a letter from Mayor Rahm Emanuel to the editor expressing the mayor’s support for same-sex marriage in the state. The Morning Shift talks to the Mayor about why he wrote the letter now and how he plans to work toward legislation allowing for same sex marriage. 
  2. Mayor Rahm Emanuel at Davis Square Park
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel at Davis Square Park
  3. Then, an article by Kate Sheppard in Mother Jones this week says 60 percent of the women in Congress were Girl Scouts.  Officials with the Girl Scouts say they’re not surprised, that the the organization since its beginning has been about teaching girls leadership skills. Maria Wynne,  the head of the Girl Scouts in Chicago, talks about the institution, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, and how they’ve stayed relevant.
  4. Next, The Michelin Guide Chicago 2013 comes out today, but the list leaked yesterday. Graham Elliot and L20 got earned two stars, while Alinea remained the only establishment in Chicago to receive three. The restaurant ratings are drumming up the usual excitement and criticism. WBEZ food blogger Louisa Chu and Time Out Chicago food critic Julia Kramer review this year’s selections and discuss Michelin’s impact. And, Chicago restaurant Sepia retained its one-star rating. Chef Andrew Zimmerman calls in to discuss.
  5. Finally, public housing has helped to foster untold numbers of musicians. From Elvis Presley to Jay-Z, Barbra Streisand to Lupe Fiasco, public housing is an invaluable part of the pop music landscape. The National Museum of Public Housing is celebrating its place in musical history with” The Sound, The Soul, The Syncopation,” an interactive musical exhibit that will run through March 15th at Expo 72. The Morning Shift explores the songs and the stories behind the exhibit.