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More about “Heroin, LLC”

Reactions, conversations and documents pertaining to “Heroin, LLC,” a series from WBEZ and the Chicago Reader.


  1. THE SERIES: Most of the 10 reports have both audio and text formats.

  2. BACKSTORY: On WBEZ's Afternoon Shift, reporters Mick Dumke and Natalie Moore tell what led to the series:

  3. BACKSTORY: Chip Mitchell tells about his reporting from the U.S.-Mexico border on WBEZ's Afternoon Shift:

  4. EDITORIAL: The Chicago Sun-Times reacts to "Heroin, LLC":

  5. BACKSTORY: On WBEZ's Afternoon Shift, Robert Wildeboer talks about the networks that make the heroin trade possible:

  6. ANALYSIS: The Afternoon Shift looks at high-school heroin use:

  7. COLUMN: Denise Crosby of The Courier-News was one of the first to sound the alarm on teen drug use in Naperville, a suburb west of Chicago:

  8. ANALYSIS: WBEZ's Jim DeRogatis and Second City alum Tim O’Malley discuss heroin use among artists and the drug's role in popular culture:

  9. ANALYSIS: The Afternoon Shift talks treatment with the Haymarket Center's Dr. Dan Lustig:

  10. REACTION: Self-identified heroin users weigh in on "Heroin, LLC" at Reddit:

  11. REPORT: Mick Dumke expands on his first story:

  12. BACKSTORY: One mom tells the story of her daughter, who was killed by heroin:

  13. REPORT: Research on the issue from Roosevelt University: