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Afternoon Shift: African-American male health, author Marcus Sakey, and big data in Chicago

We talk about African-American men's health issues and the Gospel Run, a special 5K run promoting fitness and disease prevention in men. We talk to author Marcus Sakey about his new book, 'A Better World.' Plus, we look at how big data is being used in Chicago.


  1. Gospel Run 2014 promotes awareness and disease prevention for men
  2. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states African-American men have the highest incidence of prostate cancer of any race. This weekend, a special 5K run  will focus on promoting fitness in prevention and disease management for men. We talk about men's health and fitness with Nyasha Nyamapfene, founder and chair of Gospel Run 2014, and Rudy Christian, founder of MaxFitness Marathon Training. Plus, we look at what we can expect from Gospel Run 2014.

  3. We're talking to Rudy Christian of MaxFitness Marathon Training about African-American Male Health. With @nialab on the #afternoonshift
    We're talking to Rudy Christian of MaxFitness Marathon Training about African-American Male Health. With @nialab on the #afternoonshift
  4. 'Brilliance' author Marcus Sakey talks new book, inspiration, and research
  5. In his first novel, Marcus Sakey, a Chicago based author, created an alternate world where one percent of the population is “brilliant,” geniuses that have special skills. With themes of terrorism wrapped up with some nonstop action, the second book is just out. Marcus talks to us about his creative process and how he researches a story.
  6. Thunderstorms threaten Chicago area
  7. Tornadoes and thunderstorms ripped through Wisconsin, destroying dozens of homes and causing several counties to declare a state of emergency. The storms came on the heels of a deadly tornado that slammed Nebraska and took two lives, including a 5 year-old. The high winds prompted a tornado watch in the Chicago area and the threat of thunderstorms continue in the area. Meteorologist Gilbert Sebentse of Northern Illinois University talks to us about what we can expect in the forecast.

  8. South Side's St. Laurence Church and rectory in process of being demolished
  9. St. Laurence’s Church and rectory is being demolished but unlike Prentice Womens Hospital or other endangered buildings with much fanfare, the South Side church and rectory is leaving with a whimper. Vocalo’s Ayana Contreras is documenting the ongoing demolition and she joins us with more on the story.

  10. Food swaps provide Chicagoans with another way to source food
  11. Farmers Markets across the Chicago area are in full swing. While most of us stock our kitchens from grocery stores or farmers markets, hundreds of Chicagoans have found another way to source their food. WBEZ’s Monica Eng has the story.

  12. Sports fans at Grant Park cheer on USA to improbable victory in 2014 World Cup
  13. The U.S. soccer teem is one of the under dogs in the 2014 World Cup, but sports fans found themselves in Grant Park cheering the USA on to an improbable victory in the 2014 World Cup. Has World Cup fever gripped Chicago? WBEZ’s Yolanda Perdomo talks more about the local business boon that comes with a frenzied soccer fandom.