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Afternoon Shift: Richard Steele, incarceration increases, and a guide to big data

Radio icon Richard Steele is retiring from his full-time post at WBEZ. We pay tribute to Richard Steele by looking at his legendary career in Chicago. We also look at prison reform and a new e-book that makes it easier for beginners to comprehend big data.


  1. Tribute to WBEZ's 'Real Deal' Richard Steele
  2. We say goodbye to WBEZ's Richard Steele in this interview. He joins us in studio to reflect on how he got his start in Chicago, racial divides in the 1960's, and his career in radio.
  3. We're talking to the 'real deal' Richard Steele about his radio career in Chicago. He's retiring from his full-time post at WBEZ after 27 years in public radio.
    We're talking to the 'real deal' Richard Steele about his radio career in Chicago. He's retiring from his full-time post at WBEZ after 27 years in public radio.
  4. Lost Voices organization holds Mike Brown Rally at City Hall
  5. Mike Brown’s death at the hands of a suburban St. Louis police officer in August is still encouraging protests around the nation calling for the indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson and the end of police brutality. In Chicago, the Lost Voices organization held a “Justice for Mike Brown” Columbus Day March today at City Hall. WBEZ's Kathy Chaney was there and talks about what the rally means for Chicago.
  6. Re-evaluating America's prison system
  7. Illinois Representative Mike Zalewski is holding a hearing in Chicago about prison reform as part of the state’s re-evaluation of its prison system. The incarceration rate has quadrupled over the last 40 years and the number continues to increase. Jeremy Travis is the president of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City and co-author of the study, The Growth of Incarceration in the United States. He joins us to discuss the current state of the U.S. prison system.
  8. Battle over state facility is personal and political
  9. There’s a debate going on in Southern Illinois over how the state cares for its neediest citizens. It’s playing out along a ribbon of small towns almost 300 miles south of Chicago and the outcome will determine the future for many Illinois citizens with disabilities. As part of our Hey Gov political series, WBEZ's Patrick Smith heads out to find what happens when local needs bump up against the broader goals of state government.
  10. Local choreographer celebrates Columbus Day with Native American Dance
  11. On this Columbus today, we take a look at how art can explore our heritage. Native American choreographer Rosy Simas has created a contemporary dance that deals in part with treaty violations. Her work, “We Wait In The Darkness” opens soon at The Dance Center at Columbia College Chicago. She joins Dorene Wiese, founder of the American Indian Association of Illinois, to discuss celebrating Columbus Day with Native American Dance.
  12. Nutrition programs ditch whole milk
  13. Last week’s move to eliminate whole milk from Illinois’ Womens, Infants, and Children program marks an effort to limit fat in American diets but the debate continues over whether low-fat diets offer any benefits to Americans at all. WBEZ’s Monica Eng reports.