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'Afternoon Shift' #240: Live from The Old Town Ale House

Today's show is being broadcast live from The Old Town Ale House, 219 W. North Ave. Come down and join us, or, if you can't be there in person, join in the conversation on Twitter using #AfternoonShift. We'll also speak with economist Paul Krugman and Second City's Andrew Alexander.


  1. Old Town History: Shirley Baugher, the unofficial mayor of Old Town and author of several books on the neighborhood’s history, pulls up a stool alongside Rick and the Ale House’s chief bar keep, Bruce Elliott.
  2. First Man of Second City: Co-owner and CEO of The Second City, Andrew Alexander sits down and talks about the city's comedy gem.
  3. Corky Siegel: Local blues harmonica legend Corky Siegel is with us all afternoon, our own personal troubadour. His newest project, Chamber Blues, features the West End String Quartet and Frank Donaldson on world percussion, blending classical and blues styles in a chamber music setting.
  4. Chambers Family: Shirley Chambers had four children—she lost all of them to gun violence. Her last remaining son, Ronnie, was killed over the weekend. Shirley and her sister, Dorothy Wayne and their dear friend Nancy Harrison join Rick at the Ale House, near their old home in Cabrini Green.  

  5. Paul Krugman: Nobel prize-winning author & New York Times columnist helps Rick balance the United States’ checkbook. Krugman’s most recent book is End This Depression Now!