'Afternoon Shift' #235: Sail away

Chris Robling and Cindi Canary join us for the "Best Game in Town," our weekly look at political headlines--and punchlines. We'll take a trip to Arlington Heights. And, we'll speak with the men behind a new documentary, 'Skokie: Invaded But Not Conquered.' Plus, singer-songwriter Tom Kastle.

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  1. Chris Robling, Republican political strategist and principal at Jayne Thompson & Assoc., and public policy consultant Cindi Canary, serve as our fearless guides through the week's political story lines. Just days after President Obama's second inauguration, they'll help us survey the second-term battles ahead—from Congress to the Supreme Court.
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  3. WBEZ political reporter Tony Arnold joined the panel to discuss potential candidates for the upcoming Illinois gubernatorial race. 
  4. Arlington Heights: WBEZ Pritzker Fellow Adriana Cardona and WBEZ web producer Andrew Gill take us inside the massive library facilities in Arlington Heights. They’ll also talk about the village’s park district--and the battle to bring in money to improve facilities, parks and programs. 
  5. In the late 1970s, neo-Nazis attempted to march through north suburban Skokie, a town considered to be a haven for Holocaust survivors. Thirty-five years later, filmmaker Todd Whitman and Richard Hirschhaut, executive director of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, document the tense chapter in the film, Skokie: Invaded But Not Conquered, premiering Thursday night on WTTW. 
  6. Skokie: Invaded, But Not Conquered Film Trailer
  7. Singer, songwriter and tall-ships captain Tom Kastle sings about love, the sea...and his love love of the sea. He’ll be singing, telling tales and answering questions this weekend at Navy Pier’s “Strictly Sail Chicago," called the Midwest’s premier sailboat show.

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