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'Afternoon Shift' #133: History convention


  1. On Thursday's Afternoon Shift we prepare for the 2012 political conventions by looking back on notable conventions of the past with Wally Podrazik and Craig Sautter. The biggest memory I have of the 2008 convention is this video:
  2. Jesse Jackson Jr inspires hugs at the DNC 2008
  3. Have you ever attended a political convention? What's your strongest memory from it? Let us know on Twitter.
  4. Listen to the full segment on the history of political conventions below:
  5. In our 3@3 review panel Ken Davis and Monica Eng talk with Steve Edwards about these stories:
  6. Hear it below:
  7. And...
  8. Listen to Dan Goodin's words of wisdom on password security below:
  9. Here's  Dan Goodin's article on this topic:
  10. For our feature interview Chicago's top FBI agent Robert Grant gives his exit interview, before heading off to work for the Walt Disney Company.
  11. Listen to the full interview below:
  12. Listen to the full two hours of the show below: