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'Afternoon Shift' #131: Great Lakes on the mind


  1. The current issue of Foreign Policy magazine has several Chinese cities as the future leaders on the global stage. We talk with Foreign Policy associate editor Isaac Stone Fish about the issue, and how Chicago fits in. What does Shanghai have the we don't?
  2. Andres Mendoza Pena co-authored the 2012 Global Cities Index and he tells us how Chicago stacks up. We’re also joined by urban policy expert Aaron Renn on why he thinks Chicago could fall behind in the rankings.
  3. Here are a few comments from listeners:
  4. Interesting list. Only one European city in the top 25.
  5. You can listen to Isaac Stone Fish, Andres Mendoza Pena, and Aaron Renn discuss all of that and more below:
  6. Fed up with squirrels eating the contents of his garden, The Reader’s Mike Sula has decided to turn the tables and go back to the ways of our forefathers (and people who live in the woods). What would it take to get you to try squirrel?
  7. One listener makes a plea for equal time for squirrels:
  8. Listen to Mike Sula talk with Steve about squirrels, gardening, and our shared history with both:
  9. And for Tuesday's 3@3...
  10. Listen to Carrie Kaufman and Tim Akimoff discuss today's top stories:
  11. Here's a little about the music we play between segments:
  12. On our Debrief today, Steve Edwards talks to Congresswoman Judy Biggert about Representative Todd Akin's controversial comments regarding sexual assault and rape as well as her upcoming appearance at the National Sexual Assault Conference at the Chicago Sheraton Hotel and Towers this Friday.
  13. Jenn Gibbons rowed around Lake Michigan to raise money for cancer research.  We’ll talk about her journey. Do you know anyone who has tried a creative fundraiser like Jenn's?
  14. Listen to Jenn discuss her amazing story below: