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Skyler Rogers

I'm the Community Manager at Livefyre and Storify. Need help with either? Just email [email protected] any time. Otherwise, I follow some incredibly interesting people here on Storify! Try clicking on my Following list if you want to find some hidden gems from the amazing Storify community :)

Michael Cooper

Young and Unashamed of the Gospel!!!!! i am just a guy that loves to laugh and have a great time i am always here to help people in any way i can if you ever need a friend to talk to just text or call me and i will listen to you and try to help! i love christ he is number one in my life!

Jodi Moan

"If you start to dwell on the wrong things, it'll take you down fast. Every morning, I wake up and the first thing I think of is I'm thankful. I'm thankful for another day." –Kay Yow 2007 Those that are closest to me, know me the best!!

Michael Thomas

Guy Besley


The editorially independent student newspaper of the University of Tennessee

Will Warren

galatians 5:22-23

Catamount Sports

Twitter Page for Western Carolina Athletics

Pam Chvotkin

A sportsaholic fashionista. Proud Tenn alum. Sports/Events/Ent Mktg profesh. @UTDCAlumni VP, #SportsPRchat co-host, @SMCDC Mktg Dir. Tweets expressed are my own

leland davidson

Normal guy from Tennessee who has a passion for life, Vols, Chicago Sport teams, and whatever keeps me sane.

Elizabeth Smith

Future ESPN Broadcaster, studying Broadcast Journalism at UT Knoxville. Aspiring Model. Leader. Instagram: @liztwotimes


The vision of Notinclass is to bring the World's news, pictures, videos, stories, art, you name it to young adults across the globe no matter.

Brad Wieger

Im down with all that!

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