VoiceBox Media does Baltimore, Pre trip and Day 1

Driven by passion to give voices to the voiceless, VoiceBox Media, a nonprofit news service based out of Austin, Texas, is visiting Baltimore to tell the stories of those who are turning #BaltimoreRiots into #BaltimoreUprising.

  1. Pre trip

  2. It started with Holly's announcement:

  3. And everybody else started spreading the word

  4. We would love your support with our trip to Baltimore, where we will be working hard to bring you stories.  https://twitter.com/voiceboxmedia_/status/595242082664611841 
  5. Excited about traveling to #Baltimore with @VoiceBoxMedia_ to talk to change makers! Anyone we should cover, or talk to? #BaltimoreUprising
  6. It took a lot of planning

  7. Then it became super official

  8. And our team landed!

  9. Day 1 came: Time to find and tell stories

  10. The VoiceBox Media team attended the Public Hearing of Police Misconduct at the Sharon Baptist Church.

  11. The Public Hearing in Police Misconduct is underway at the Sharon Baptist Church in Sandtown. #BaltimoreUprising
  12. Susan Burke of NBC: There is a healing power of the narrative and the support of the community around you. #BaltimoreUprising
  13. The 1st story is from a lifetime resident of Sandtown and the president of No Boundaries Coalition. #BaltimoreUprising
  14. Say sir,avoid prolonged eye contact,don't stand in 1 place too long,keep cash in your show- how he was raised w/ police. #BaltimoreUprising
  15. Another storyteller: on her bday last year visiting w/ friends on her stoop and began to be harassed by officers. #BaltimoreUprising
  16. She called 911 for help. Over the next weeks the harassment continued from the officers. She recorded the incidents. #BaltimoreUprising
  17. Another storyteller: made hard decisions in the streets of Sandtown &said it was an officer who helped get her on track. #BaltimoreUprising
  18. He helped get her in rehab & didn't arrest her. She wants 2 raise her children w/ the knowledge that officers can help. #BaltimoreUprising
  19. Another storyteller is at the podium. She was walking home, a friend showed her a pic of her grand baby and when she returned the phone ...
  20. She says police misconduct happens to people of all ages. "I'm old and it happened to me." #BaltimoreUprising
  21. Police aren't all bad, she said. We need them to help keep peace in our community. #BaltimoreUprising
  22. She continues with stories of multiple family members who have suffered from police misconduct. #BaltimoreUprising
  23. A storyteller asks: we know what's wrong but how do we make a difference? Job training? Salaries? Education? #BaltimoreUprising
  24. The resources are flooding, says the president of No Boundaries. They've bee pushing for policy changes. #BaltimoreUprising
  25. Reach out to No Boundaries, he says. Contact me. There are job resources available.#BaltimoreUprising
  26. Then marched with the Amnesty Protest in downtown Baltimore.

  27. "Let them through," an officer said, then putting his hands on a colleague's chest. "You can't take it personally!" #BaltimoreUprising
  28. What did they want?
  29. "What do we want? Amnesty! When do we want it? Now!" The crowd yells. #BaltimoreUprising
  30. The protest has been peaceful. Tensions rose a bit when protesters took a turn down a street blocked off by police. #BaltimoreUprising
  31. Day 1 concluded!

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