After being fired by the Buffalo Bills, what's next for Rex Ryan?

Rex Ryan was fired by the Buffalo Bills before the last game of the 2016 regular season and has recently released statements to the media regarding the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and his career moving forward.


  1. Rex Ryan is fired from the Buffalo Bills

  2. Rex Ryan has recently released his thoughts on the issue. In the video below, Rex Ryan shows some of the emotions he's been dealing with since recently being fired.
  3. Joe B gives his thoughts on Rex Ryan's first comments since being fired (1/31/17)
  4. Rex Ryan says about the Bills, "I don't wish them bad will...I don't. But I don't wish them luck either. I'll be honest: I don't wish them good luck. I don't wish them bad luck. I don't wish them luck. I wish the Jets luck." (The New York Jets are Rex Ryan's former team)
  5. In regards to his truck, Rex says, "Let me tell you, I stripped that damn truck the day I got fired... F--k you guys."

  6. Pictures of Ryan's truck included below...
  7. More fans react to Rex Ryan on Twitter...

  8. Rex Ryan says he doesn't want to further his career as an NFL coach and hints at becoming a sports analyst

  9. Rex Ryan told the NY DAILY NEWS, "The one thing about (being on TV) is that you don't lose... You'll remember every damn loss. But the wins? You don't necessarily remember. I'm tired of getting (explitive). He also states regarding coaching, "Unless it's a real situation, there's no sense of getting into it again."
  10. First Take reacts to Ryan's remarks...

  12. Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman both agree that he shouldn't continue his career as an NFL Head coach but they both think he's making a mistake not taking a Defensive Coordinator job. Although, Kellerman believes he would be a good fit for television and becoming a sports analyst. Stephen A. says, "We don't know!"
  13. Rex Ryan signs one-day deal as Super Bowl LI analyst

  14. This will be Rex Ryan's first test in the field of television and sports broadcasting. He will join ESPN Sunday's NFL Countdown to discuss the Super Bowl game. If he does well this could potentially be his job for the future.